Amplifying Africa's Impact in Global Food Ecosystem

Through documentaries, articles, podcasts and social media, we celebrate Africa’s contributions to the global food ecosystem and showcase our innovations and cooking methods. We also celebrate African food and beverage entrepreneurs who are changing global narratives through their products and innovations.

Product Gateway

We support market entry, branding, packaging, certification, placement, distribution and the scaling of proudly African food and beverage brands in the global marketplace.

Linkages & Convenings

We connect people, organizations, and movements committed to shaping global narratives about African food.

  • Quarterly virtual African food forums in partnership with organizations in North America, Europe & Asia – promoting knowledge sharing, market linkages, and business connections between producers, processors, chefs, traders, wholesalers, retailers, and food bloggers operating in Africa with their counterparts in North America and Europe
  • Annual Convening – rotating in major global cities.
    • Save the date: “The future of Food – Africa’s contributions to the World,” Montreal, March 2022

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