Paulo Gomes
Chairman, PGP and Partners and Co-Founder, New African Capital Partners

Paulo Gomes has over 25 years of experience both in the public and private sectors. He has served at the very senior levels in multi-lateral development institutions, from the World Bank to the West African Development Bank (BOAD), and has worked with senior government ministers and heads of governments on key projects throughout the African continent. Within the private sector, he serves on the boards of major firms such as Ecobank, Asky Airline, and AFIG private equity fund. He also serves as an advisor to major CEOs and corporate boards. He played a critical leadership role in the development of several private sector initiatives such as the emerging West African Agricultural Development Corporation to be launched in 2012.

Paulo has developed a deep understanding of the political and economic issues facing Africa and the developing world in general, and has a good knowledge of macro-economic situations of the continent. He has extensive management skills and international experience. He has management experience in public sector, multilateral institutions and in the private sector as well. He also possesses strong technical and analytical skills having started his career in planning and management consulting. Paulo has coordinated and led major programs in addition to initiating several innovative competitiveness programs for his constituency as Executive Director for 24 African countries in the World Bank. Paulo has a keen passion for development and always makes a personal commitment to achieve set objectives and results.

He has advised several head of states, assisted a few of them to establish investment advisory bodies and served on international committees. Paulo has built an extensive network across Lusophone, Francophone, and Anglophone Africa as well as in Asia and Latin America. He is fluent in English, French, and Portuguese.

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