Mwihaki Muraguri
Principal, Paukwa

Mwĩhaki Mũragũri is a seasoned professional in development and philanthropy. Over the course of her career, she has worked in institutions dedicated to social change such as the Rockefeller Foundation, where she led the foundations work in health and philanthropy in Africa, and the KCB Foundation, one of Kenya’s first corporate social foundations working across East Africa. In addition, she spent several years in the area of HIV and AIDS service delivery with Amref Health Africa, Africa’s largest homegrown health NGO. She has been a keen supporter of the growth of the philanthropic sector in Africa through myriad platforms. Throughout her career, advancement of Africa has always been at the core.

A skilled speaker, writer, and project manager, Mwĩhaki’s passion for her continent led to the establishment of Paukwa House Limited in 2017. Paukwa – Swahili for the call of the storyteller – is a creative firm dedicated to bringing to using the art of storytelling to celebrate and spotlight the positive aspects of Kenyan history and contemporary life. Paukwa hosts a positive repository of online stories that showcases underappreciated aspects of everyday historical and contemporary Kenya and curates these stories for both children and adults. Paukwa works across the globe with organisations and individuals, helping them articulate the story of their impact through advisory support, documentation, and storytelling training.

A wordsmith at heart, Mwĩhaki is happily based in her hometown of Nairobi, Kenya where she plays house with her husband and three children.

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