Narrative Changers African Food Fellowship

Apply today to join the first cohort of entrepreneurs who are committed to scaling their products to the world.
  1. Application opens:
    August 23rd 2021
  2. Application deadline:
    October 1st 2021
  3. Fellowship Starts:
    January 2022
  4. Fellowship Duration:
    Six Months

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a Founder/CEO
  • Must have a registered business and have been in operation for at least two years.
  • Must produce and process food or beverages items already being retailed in at least one country.
  • Must manufacture or source inputs/ingredients from Africa.
  • Must have global aspirations for your product, with a focus North America, Europe & Asia
  • Must be willing to devote at least two days per month to the fellowship over the next six months and must be engaged and willing to share, grow and support other entrepreneurs
  • Must not have benefitted from other scaling or accelerator programs

Key Benefits of the Fellowship:

  • Virtual sessions to enhance leadership skills
  • Training on global best practices, business management and operations.
  • Insight into responsible sourcing, food safety, registration, trademarks, regulatory compliance etc.
  • Peer to peer support with a community of other entrepreneurs committed to scaling their businesses
  • Support with market entry, supply chain packing, co-packing, logistics and distribution
  • Access to information on various funding mechanism, referral and connection to funders.
  • Mentoring and coaching with industry leaders

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Narrative Changers African Food Fellowship
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